Rebecca Riggs


I have spent the last few years travelling to remote areas of Cambodia and Indonesia to understand the complexity of landscape governance and challenges facing rural smallholders in Asia. In 2020 I completed a Doctor of Philosophy on Governing Landscape Transitions in Cambodia. In this research, I examined forest landscapes in Cambodia to understand local perceptions and institutional leverage points for nurturing landscape transitions for prosperity and sustainability. I am currently involved in research that explores different dimensions of vibrant forest landscapes – including inclusive development pathways, customary governance, and locally controlled enterprises. I work in transdisciplinary partnerships engaging with rural communities in Indonesia, Cameroon, Canada, and Cambodia. I aim to contribute to broader research on reconciling long-term development and environmental challenges by strengthening local institutions. I strongly believe in embedded research; engaging with people in landscapes where changes are occurring. I work at the science-policy interface, bridging the divide between academia, policy and realities on the ground.

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I am interested in how livelihoods are changing in and around forests and how institutions can contribute to inclusive and resilient landscapes. I use a systems approach to analyse drivers of change, ensuring evidence-based decisions incorporates social, economic and environmental components of a system. I value spending time in our sentinel landscapes, sharing and discussing with people about their lives and future visions. I hope to shed light on some of the challenges and aspirations of people living in these landscapes and bridge communication gaps across different levels of governance.

Selected Publications

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