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Tanah Air Beta support efforts to conserve biodiversity and dynamic landscapes & livelihoods. We want to help achieve sustainable and productive landscapes and seascapes. We welcome people who share our passion for nature and people.


Indonesia’s archipelago is home to 12% of the worlds mammals (515 species), 16% of the world’s reptiles (781 species), 17% of bird species (1592 species) and 10% of the world’s flowering species. Endemic and threatened species exist across Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, which cover seven major biogeographic regions. Biodiversity is essential to all aspects of life in Indonesia, supporting livelihoods, culture, food production, and maintaining globally significant ecosystems.

Landscapes and Seascapes
The rich and diverse culture and biodiversity in Indonesia calls for integrated conservation and development suited to local contexts. Landscapes and seascapes offer a way to understand how change happens in local settings, and respond to challenges and opportunities at multiple scales. Diverse histories, geographies, and relationships between people and nature mean Indonesian landscape and seascapes continue to evolve in different ways.

Indonesia has a population of 273 million living across 6000 inhabited islands. There are over 500 languages and dialects in Indonesia, representative of the ethnic and cultural diversity. Indonesia’s long and rich history can be observed through different cultural and artistic expressions, such as batik, woodcarvings, wayang kulit, and adat (customary) traditions. Almost half of the population live in rural areas, underscoring the need for balance between conservation and production.




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