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Mural Paintings

Intu had been facilitating mural paintings for international conferences for several years. She painted murals at the 2009 World Climate Conference in Geneva, the World Parks Congress in Sydney in 2014 and COP 21 of the Climate Change Convention in Paris (2015).

During these events thousands of congress participants attended the conference. More than 150 people participated and contributed in the making of each mural. We have had up to 35 different nationalities painting together.

The murals measure between 5 meters X 2.5 meters to 7.5 meters x 2.8 meters. They are now kept in different institutions in Geneva, Canberra, Paris and Bali.

Special thanks to our sponsors: IUCN, Parks Victoria, FAO, Health and Climate Foundation, Samdhana Institute, Global Greengrants Fund, Rights and Resources Initiative, UNDP International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change and all of the participants and painters in the making of these murals. We would like to see more people in our future participatory mural painting events.

World Park Congress
Sydney 2014

World Climate Conference
Geneva 2009

COP Climate Change
Paris 2015

World Conservation Congress
Hawaii 2016

Sustainable Solutions Festival
Bali 2017