Activities in Sumatera

Kampar Peninsula, Riau

Vast peat swamp forests once covered the area from the Straits of Malacca to the mountainous spine that runs down the center of Sumatra. Today little is left of these forests, instead the landscape is covered with trees and oil palm plantations. Fortunately some of the tree plantation companies have reserved areas of high conservation value forest and one extensive area of intact peat swamp forest. Rare birds, cats and even tigers still survive in this 150,000 ha area. Tanah Air Beta are working with the companies, local stakeholders and international conservation NGOs to restore this landscape using Tanah Air Beta techniques.

Forested corridors are being protected and water levels are being maintained in the core peat swamp area. Facilities for researchers and visitors are being constructed and all remaining forest is being protected. Wildlife populations are being monitored. The area has the potential to be one of Indonesia’s most important protected areas and we hope to restore populations of rare birds and mammals.