Activities in Papua

Landscape and Seascape in Papua

The spectacular seascapes of the Bird’s Head and Raja Ampat regions of West Papua are amongst the world’s most biodiverse and scenically beautiful sea and landscapes. Rich forests with many endemic and rare bird and mammal species descend directly to the shoreline where some of the world’s richest coral reefs exist and sea turtles nest. Whales migrate through these waters. Local people have rich and diverse cultures. We have begun work with local researchers from the University in Manokwari and local populations to gather knowledge on the seascape and seek to find management approaches that will reconcile conservation and development.

Pressures from external sources – industrial fishing, oil palm expansion, other industrial estate crops and mining are all increasing and will undoubtedly have impacts in the area. We plan to work with local actors and international NGOs to apply landscape techniques to attempt to resolve some of the trade-offs and to contribute to achieving a sustainable future for the local populations.