Learning Landscapes in Kampar Peninsula, Riau

21-24 January 2019


In January 2019 Tanah Air Beta convened a meeting for practitioners to reflect and share experiences on implementing the Landscape Approach Indonesia. The meeting explored different aspects of landscape-scale processes, focusing how to enhance benefit flows to the multiple beneficiaries of landscapes.

The meeting was held at the Hotel Unigraha at APRIL HQ in Pangkalan Kerinci. While the meeting aimed to develop and strengthen the implementation of landscape approaches across Indonesia, special attention was given to the Restorasi Ekosisytem Riau (RER) and forest planation management by APRIL. We learned of the unique opportunities for restoration and conservation in the Kampar Peninsula and discussed how lessons learned from other landscapes may assist in delivering desired social and environmental outcomes in Riau.

The goal of the meeting was to bring practioners together to discuss attributes of LAs that have not received significant attention in prior retreats or in publications. We discussed the institutional barriers of LAs and how to achieve political buy in, resilience, small and medium forest enterprises, the Sustainable Development Goals, how embedded science can enhance LAs, principles of democratic conservation and behavioral change. Each of these attributes raise specific challenges for Indonesia requiring bottom-up, context-based problem solving. Our discussions reinforced the value of sharing between practitioners, ensuring that research is informed by practice, and lessons continue to be shared between landscapes.

View the meeting report: 2019 Report

Partners: University of British Columbia – Faculty of Forestry, James Cook University – Centre for Tropical and Sustainability Science, University of Indonesia – Institute for Sustainable Earth and Resources & Research Centre for Climate Change, Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER) APRIL, The Tanoto Foundation

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