Activities in Congo Basin

The Sangha Tri-National Protected Area

Tanah Air Beta has developed a lot of its approach to landscape-scale conservation in the Sangha Tri-National area on the borders of Cameroon, Congo and Central African Republic. The area has the most spectacular assemblages of forest wildlife in the world – elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, the Bongo and forest buffalo can all be observed at the “bais” – open salt spring areas in the forest. We began in 2003 working with colleagues from WWF, IUCN, CIFOR, WCS and local NGOs. It was in this area that we pioneered out participatory monitoring approach and explored scenarios with local stakeholders.

We have enjoyed the cooperation of logging companies many of which are now FSC certified. The area has become a model for the management of biodiverse forest landscapes where logging, conservation and local agricultural activities can be integrated. Participatory monitoring is an important part of understanding the landscape changes in the TNS where conservation and development trade-offs are often coincides.
Partners: IUCN and WWF

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